Mobile Development

Developing mobile web sites is a passion of Solutioneering.  Since the very early days of WAP and the birth of 'ringtones' we have been involved in the mobile arena. 

In just the last couple of years the mobile value-chain has grown exponentially and the 'mobile internet' is set to affect every aspect of our daily interaction whether it be commercially or community-motivated.

Solutioneering is perfectly placed to help you design and deliver your mobile internet strategy.  And by utilising our existing partners and industry knowledge we'll help you deliver it quickly.

All work is based on an initial creative brief which we work with the client to complete prior to engaging our designers and developers.  This helps all parties understand the core objectives behind the initiative and in our experience, guarantees a successful project outcome.

A blank copy of our Creative Brief document can be found in the Resources section.

Web Development

Developing applications and services for the web is a core discipline of Solutioneering.  We have helped many clients realise their dream of having a successful, profitable on-line presence. 

We have also worked on many projects that have a more 'internal' objective in terms of employee collaboration and corporate communication.   

To faciliate this we have built a network of trusted freelance developers covering the many technical disciplines that are required in todays marketplace.  Skills such as:

  • Adobe Flash
  • .NET/SQL Server
  • Unix/Linux/Windows Server Operating Systems

Solutioneering's strength is our abillity to wrap these skills in a proven project methodology allowing for maximum creative expression aligned with core business objectives.

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