Marriott Launches DotMobi Site

DUBLIN and WASHINGTON — dotMobi, the first and only Internet address created for mobile phones, has just announced that global hotel chain, Marriott has launched, a mobile internet version of its website, to help drive business from customers who are ‘on the go’. The site allows people to locate hotels globally and make reservations from their handheld device. Marriott joins a host of hotel, leisure and travel-related companies both large and small, which have developed .mobi sites to increase business opportunities from spontaneous travellers and business executives on the move.

Armed with just a suitcase, a credit card and a mobile phone, today’s traveller can now negotiate their way around the planet spontaneously with little prior planning. When accessing a mobile website with a .mobi suffix, tourists are guaranteed a fast and convenient experience that will enable them to easily download information wherever they may be.

Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi said, “We are seeing that a growing number of companies in the travel and tourism sector using .mobi to increase their competitiveness and capture business. DotMobi makes it incredibly easy and convenient for travellers to book anything from cabs to flights to hotel rooms whilst they are on the move.

“For example, by accessing, which offers taxi numbers throughout the US, Canada and the UK, users can easily negotiate their way to the airport and can even check to view live transport news en route. On the way travellers can book flights with which offers check-in, timetables and flight information. Some travellers may prefer to book a train via or or even hire a motorhome on”

Hotel bookings for a range of different types of travellers can be made at, or, global hostel information can be accessed at and and even smaller hotels and guest houses are catching on such as, or Other leisure activities can be booked when arriving at a destination and restaurant reservations and theatre tickets can be made by accessing, or in the US. Many cities even have their own tourist sites such as and if language becomes a barrier, tourists can quickly access which gives users instant access to foreign language phrasebooks.

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