x + y = z

Is this a problem or a solution?  We think it’s the latter. When two entities come together they result in a new form.  We feel the solution is to apply this simple concept to everything you do, in the context of wishing to experience instinctual notions. Consideration for further analysis provided by leading business and technology practices in order to expose real opportunities for partnership.

Whether it is a niche, an entire continent or the global marketplace that attracts you, we can provide business and technology consultancy to meet your strategic objectives.

Mobile devices now allow us to access vast quantities of data on the move. With this epic change in behaviour, service providers face new challenges and problems of their own. In order for us to be able to help you, we must focus on our business also.

Our portfolio section provides details of the projects we have worked on since our official company formation in March 2007. A major element within our corporate objectives is to attract a measurable stake in the mobile-internet publishing market within 5 years. To this end, we are active in the mobile-internet space and are in the process of mining a wholly owned portfolio of internet domain names, a majority of the portfolio being .mobi domains, as issued in August 2006 by the dotMobi organization (http://pc.mtld.mobi)