Programme/Project Management

Our Project Managers are all accredited PRINCE2 Practitioners.  Originally developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), PRINCE2 has been gaining international support in regions such as the U.S & Asia.

PRINCE2 allows organisations a degree of flexibility in their implementation of the methodology.  In the same regard Solutioneering is in the process of drafting bespoke internal processes and supporting documentation with a view to keeping our methodology ‘lean’ and client-focused.  To facilitate this, a tiered-system of project management is currently available to clients.


  • Low Budget / Risk
  • Aggressive Timescale
  • Risk accepted by client
  • Sign-off documentation only
  • Minimal Quality Assurance & Control
  • Time & Materials Contract


  • Mid-High Budget / Risk
  • Solutioneering tasks in ‘Critical Path’ of the project
  • Risk shared with client
  • Business Case / Task Allocation / Management Information documentation
  • High-level of Quality Assurance & Control
  • Project Board formed
  • Fixed-Price or Time & Materials Contract

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