Systems Design

In many ways designing computerised systems has become much easier since the birth of the internet and the various industry standards that have been created to support it.  In other ways it has become much more complicated.

The vast array of choices and directions that are now available to the senior IT management when progressing an initiative can be perplexing.  The result, more often that not, is to maintain a strategy that has worked in the past and provides a theoritical ‘safety net’ for less adventurous boards of directors.

While settling for this strategy has it’s merits, it also has it’s pitfalls.  Consider for a moment what your competitors might be doing?  Are they embracing relatively new technologies that you consider too risky?  What do they know that you have potentially missed?

Solutioneering considers itself to be well-placed to hear these subtle shifts in the market and is therefore able to help your own descision making.    To us ‘systems design’ is synomous with ‘systems strategy’.

Projects we are used to dealing with include:

  • IT Strategy/Scoping Exercises
  • Systems Integration
  • Infrastructure Optimisation

All work is based on an initial project brief which we work with the client to complete prior to engaging our design team.  This helps all parties understand the core objectives behind the initiative and in our experience, guarantees a successful project outcome.

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