Pioneers Mobile-Internet Service for Motorists

MILTON KEYNES, England, March 28 /PRNewswire/ — Solutioneering Ltd, the leading-edge mobile solutions provider, has today launched a free traffic information service,, to keep the savvy road user ahead of the crowd.

At present, road users wishing to stay abreast of the latest traffic conditions have few options. The majority rely on premium-rate services, with their financial sting, whilst others find themselves awaiting “Traffic Alert” radio broadcasts. As these broadcasts cannot be targeted to individual user needs they put the road user at a distinct disadvantage, meaning information is often provided too late to be of use.

Voted dotMobi ‘Site Of The Week’ (21st March 2007), has been developed as a mobile website that will work on all internet-capable mobile phones. Users can choose the road and area they are interested in directly from their phone keypad and immediately access up-to-the-second news and information on current and developing road situations. To compliment the service, Solutioneering Ltd has developed sites including, and, to provide one-click access to the latest information on these major routes. US and Australia traffic information services are currently in development, to be available from April 2007.

Solutioneering Ltd is a keen supporter of the dotMobi initiative and is concentrating its focus on delivering a portfolio of innovative services using the .mobi domain. Arran Jones, managing director of Solutioneering, explains: “We have made a substantial investment in a portfolio of .mobi domain names and intend to develop and promote these during 2007. Many in the industry are forecasting that the mobile- internet market will grow substantially over the next few years. In order to achieve this expectation however, it is vital that compelling content and innovative services exist. Our development portfolio consists of a broad range of services and our chief aim is to bring the mobile-internet firmly into the public consciousness.”

Neil Edwards, CEO, dotMobi says: “Seeing useful .mobi sites with quality content going live is terrific. is ideal for anyone who needs instant, reliable travel information while on the road.”

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