The definition

When people hear ‘solutioneering’ for the first time, they often ask me to spell it. Usually, when I’m on the phone needing to relate my email address.

In less than 5 years, I’m going to ensure this is no longer the case. Now, I could take the easy option and change my email address, but for reasons I’m not entirely sure about, I’m on a personal mission to make the term Solutioneering as ubiquitous and relevant as Engineering is to the tangible, mechanical aspects of our lives.

My personal definition of Solutioneering is that it’s simply a way of thinking, underpinned by advanced technical knowledge. There was much talk in the early part of the last decade, around the concept of a ‘digital nervous system’. To my knowledge, first marketed by none other than Microsoft as ‘DNA’ or Distributed interNet Applications Architecture.   Open Source laid waste to Microsoft’s commercialisation of the technology and helped spread the widely adopted standards needed to support such a concept.  In 2012 the infrastructure required has reached a tipping point and for the first time, I believe, it’s possible to apply the concept to common business problems.

Over the next year, I’m going to demonstrate what is possible when Solutioneering is applied to multiple internet-based service providers, each operating in industries worth billions of dollars. It’s taken a while to get the infrastructure in place. The implementation of the software to support core functions like Accounting & Finance, all the way to Marketing & Advertising, needed to be integrated, as close to real-time as possible. Now, let’s see how far we can push it…

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